For the good of us all

by Cynthia on September 7, 2011

I was in the mall the other day looking for back to school clothes for an eight-year-old. I’m surprised they haven’t added a make-up counter in the girl’s section. Do they make spike heels for children?

The dresses I’ve posted can be found right now in back to school sections in malls across the country. Girl’s sizes 7-16.

Last week, I was listening to the Today show and heard parents of child beauty show contestants being interviewed. They, of course, defended the competitions as being “confidence and poise building.” These children were all older than Jon Benet Ramsey and said they enjoyed their participation. I must say that I never knew a child who didn’t prefer cookies over spinach but do we let them eat cookies for dinner? Not on my watch.

Then there are the parents who set their four-year-old up with fake boobs and buttocks so she could imitate Dolly Parton. I’m sorry, but that’s just disgusting. How can anyone think that’s cute? It’s completely sexual where sex has no business.

Since early this year, your seven-year-old daughter could get a push-up bikini top for $24.50, courtesy of Abercrombie and Fitch. OMG! Whose idea was that?

But I’m not the only one with an opinion on the bikini top. See The Consumerist. The Society Pages has some links that will make you say, “What the hell is wrong with us?”

Why do people even watch Toddlers and Tiaras?

Why can’t our little girls just put on our high heels and dresses like they always have? Let them dream of being their mommies. They can sneak a little lipstick when we’re not looking. We can polish their toenails and show them how to drive a nail with a hammer. Make them strong. Teach them that who they are is more important than what size bra they wear or how much leg they show.

Please tell me I’m right. We do believe that who they are IS more important than what size bra they wear or how much leg they show. Don’t we?

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Robynn September 7, 2011 at 8:45 am

Yes. Teach them to drive a a nail, shear a sheep, muck out a horse stall, along with how to use make-up so it doesn’t look like they’re wearing make-up.


Bob and Ruth September 7, 2011 at 11:37 am

Of course you’re right. “Bring up a child in the way they should go.”

That means treasure them, PROTECT them, guide them, and encourage them.
As Robynn inadvertently stated, “Teach them to work.” That gives them something absolutely necessary to be a good person and productive citizen- Self-worth.
It also means be a good example.
It doesn’t mean exploit them or use them as a means to make money, or to feed our own egos.

Teach them right and wrong. Sadly, teaching morals is no longer politically correct.

Cindy, how do you address an issue like this in a narcissistic society which has gone mad with selfishness and feel-good-itis. ME-ME-ME.

History is a great teacher. Nations self-destruct when moral degradation and selfishness and absolute turning from Godly principles happens.

As the moral fabric of our society unravels, the innocent and those unable to protect themselves are most at risk. A sickness pervades our society and there are few voices willing to speak out and point out when something’s wrong. Thank you for what you wrote.

You asked. I responded.
Sorry for the dissertation but you hit a hot button. Ruth


Russell September 7, 2011 at 2:43 pm

I’m afraid the new 8-12 years look is the “street hooker” look.
Sick. Who is responsible for this backward, depraved trend?
But what else can we expect from a society that tolerates organizations like NAMBLA?
Why would the younger generation bring up kids in this jungle?


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