by Cynthia on September 25, 2017

I loved the water, even before I could swim.

I learned to swim when I was still in single digits. My family lived in Florida. There was a lot of water around us. It was a safety issue.
Mama never learned how to swim, so I took lessons. When the swimming instructor told me to hang on to the side of the pool and float, I was all too happy to do that. But, when she told me to let go of the side and float, I was terrified. I could NOT do it! It wasn’t that I didn’t trust the teacher. I didn’t trust the water.
The instructor had to convince me step by step that, if I just believed in the power of the water to carry me, it wouldn’t let me down.
“If you trust it, it will hold you up,” she said.
Eventually, I was able to relax and do that.
These days, I swim every chance I get. That’s almost every day.

And even though I understand the science behind why the water holds me up, I am still filled with wonder each time I am able to stretch out and float.
There is so much magic in the world.
Sometimes, when we can explain it, we no longer see it as magic.
Sometimes, it loses its magic when we take it for granted.
Pay attention to the ordinary things that happen in your life.
Watch for the magic.
It’s there.

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