Flipping Good

by Cynthia on February 3, 2019

I was driving home tonight.
It was already dark.
I imagine the Super Bowl was still going on but, I’m not sure. I didn’t watch it.
I had a writing project to work on.
I turned a corner and caught movement in my peripheral.
It was a boy, probably between five and seven.
He was in his flannel pajamas, robe, and slippers, jumping on a trampoline in his side yard.
I caught him just as he did a back flip.
Then another.
And another.
He was amazing.
From my point of view, the flips were flawless.
I wondered if his parents were caught up in the game.

I imagined him sneaking quietly out the side door so he could do something he really loved.

Back flip.
Back flip.
Back flip.

And I realized, that’s how I feel about my writing when I’m excited about a project. Only, I don’t have to sneak out a side door, or a back door, but I CAN do it in PJs if I want to.

So here I go. I’d better get back to my project.

Back flip.
Back flip.
Back flip.

Not as flawless as his. And I hope I don’t get dizzy before I finish.

Maybe you should get back to your trampoline, too.
Talk to you soon.

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