Over It!


A One Act Play (first two pages)


Two Unmasked Co-Dependent Playwrights


Cynthia Rogan


Sarah L. Cornett-Hagen





Cast of Characters


LINDA –      Woman in her early thirties, dressed in an elegant mocha-colored   business suit


NANCY –      Woman in her mid forties. Her black dress fits her figure and reveals a great deal of cleavage.


BEATRICE – Woman in her sixties. She wears a brightly decorated fleece suit.


NORA –         Woman in her early fifties thin and blonde with a fair complexion.







Scene I


At Rise


Time is early evening. In a small community center classroom, LINDA, NANCY, and BEATRICE sit posture perfect, their hands folded on the desks in front of them. Each woman is wearing a black button that says “I AM OVER IT!” in hot pink letters.

LINDA stands in front of the group and looks down at the floor in shame.



Thank you for coming to our NO-CO meeting tonight. My name is Linda, and I’m here because I’m a co-dependent.


LINDA returns to her seat and NANCY takes center stage.


Hi, I’m Nancy. I’ve been co-dependent as long as I can remember.


She steps down and BEATRICE takes her turn.



My name is Beatrice. I’m a co-dependent. That’s why I’m here.


BEATRICE returns to her seat.

LINDA moves back to front-center, solemnly raises the middle finger of her right hand and addresses the other two.



I’d like to call tonight’s meeting to order.


NANCY and BEATRICE return the gesture in a very solemn way. With their fingers still uplifted, they recite their mantra


Co-dependent me,

thought I’d always be.

Now, I don’t give a flip.

I am over it!

LINDA points to a bulletin board in a corner of the room where four phrases are pinned below a sash that says “THE STEPS TO NO-CO.” The three women read them aloud.


Just say no.

It’s not my fault.

This is what I think.

I matter too.


Which of the four steps did you work on this week?


NANCY raises her arm emphatically, holding her empowering finger high.


I worked on – It’s not my fault.



Yes. And . . .


NANCY (Drops arm)

Well, when my sister asked me to watch her son over spring break I said no. Sure, I had the week off. I am a teacher. But I wanted some time to relax for a change. Besides, Roger invited me to the coast.



Roger? I thought his name was Ed.

NANCY (Sighs in exasperation)

No. Ed was the last guy. Roger’s that attorney I met on Facebook.


You have got to be kidding. You’re making dates on the internet now? With total strangers?


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