Beneath the surface

July 12, 2011

It was an older home and yet the yard looked as though it had never been landscaped. The front “lawn” was a lumpy, flattish, foxtail garden that dropped off toward the street. Half the bank was covered with lavender vinka. The other half sloped at a different angle, as if the previous owners used it […]

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What makes a bully?

July 10, 2011

For Audio I used to live near this woman named Melanie. Melanie’s girls were 3, 5, 8, and 10. For a while, every time my niece, Nicole, came to my house, she’d play with the 8 year old. Well, one morning, Nicole went over, hoping for some fun. She was back a minute later. She […]

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Brand new day

July 5, 2011

I was an overweight kid until tenth grade. I wish I could say I shrank in size then, but I didn’t. That was the year Ms. Gandy – my Lit teacher- made each of her students read three works by fifteen authors of our choosing. Aldous Huxley was one of the writers I picked and, […]

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Burr in the butt of technology

July 2, 2011

I was at work. My cell phone vibrated. I glanced to see who it was. My friend, Lilly,  was calling. She and her long-time mate had recently split and she was struggling. I was concerned. I picked up the phone and walked outside for privacy. After fifteen tear-filled minutes, I said, “Goodbye,”  promising to call […]

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Riding Backwards

June 27, 2011

I heard a song the other night. At first it was annoying. The second time, strangely funny. Then I realized I’d heard that song before in conjunction with a short film. Third play through, I listened to the words as I found the YouTube video by Parry Gripp. Backwards on a pig from YouTube “The […]

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It’s All Material

June 24, 2011

Last Saturday was crazy. I was so busy I didn’t make it to the grocery store until late. Didn’t finish shopping until almost midnight. As I loaded my groceries into the car, two women one parking row over were yelling at each other. Had it been daylight, I would probably have gotten in my car, […]

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Making Time

June 22, 2011

Hold your hand up if you’re a writer. Now, those of you who don’t work at a full-time job (in addition to writing), put your hand down. If you have kids at home or provide care for someone in your home, put your hand back up. That’s a full time job. I’m not playing Simon […]

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Something To Say

June 18, 2011

Hey, y’all. For months, Cynthia’s been after me to write somethin’ for her website. Now, I don’t think I’ve really got much to say. Well, nothing that hasn’t been said before in one way or another. But she says I’m wrong about that. That I need to step right up to the microphone, so to […]

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In The Jailhouse

June 17, 2011

One year, I helped my daughter with her taxes. She gave me an iPod as a thank you. I’d never had one. Overnight, it transformed me into a modern woman. I wanted to listen to it constantly. That first week, I didn’t have an iTrip so I used the headset as I drove (which was […]

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Rachel’s Challenge

June 14, 2011

Rachel Scott wrote that one day she wanted to touch millions of hearts. She believed if one person went out of their way to show compassion, it could start a beautiful chain reaction. But she didn’t live long enough to prove her theory. She was killed at the Columbine shootings in 1999. That year, Rachel’s […]

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Giving Voice

June 11, 2011

There’s this guy. Everybody knows who he is but I’ve never met anyone who actually knows him. He’s homeless. Very muscular. Some call him the “Buff Bum.” And, while he’s not quite as ripped as Atlas must have been, I imagine the weight he carries doesn’t seem much lighter than the heavens Atlas had to […]

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Black and Blue

June 8, 2011

Two months ago: Blue glares at Black and mumbles something between clenched teeth. Weeks later: When Black thinks things are okay, Blue shoots him a dirty stare, a nasty comment. Black tries to let it go. “I haven’t done anything to him.” Blue pushes. “Why can’t he just leave me alone?” Black wonders. Then comes […]

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Crossing Lines

June 4, 2011

I was sitting in a lobby Thursday morning waiting for an oil change. The television was blaring the breaking news of the Northwest. I sat down just in time to hear about the Seattle attorney who had apparently reached his limit with people ignoring parking space lines. He was arrested for keying car doors of […]

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Critique: First, do no harm

May 28, 2011

Disclaimer: The events depicted in this blog took place sometime between the years 2004 and the present. At the request of the survivors, the names have been changed. Incidents may be embellished. I am, after all, a fiction writer. And since this is my blog, it is based on my opinion. But keep in mind, […]

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All your life…you were only waiting for this moment…

May 17, 2011

Friday afternoon gave us a good glimpse of spring. New leaves were beginning to cover winter-bare branches. I was running errands. The sun was out, car windows were open, the air was spiked with the essence of . . . exhaust. (There was a lot of traffic at that moment.) While waiting at a red […]

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Beautiful Garbage

April 25, 2011

I recently completed my second novel, The Wrongs of Being Right. It covers the journey of Symphony Weber, a young girl who, at birth, is gifted with a special ability. She finds a way to turn off her gift after peer bullying and ostracism lead her to hate it. Years later, desperate to help someone […]

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April 4, 2011

In my thesaurus, BS is the first “word” listed under the verb, lie. I grew up in the Bible Belt where, at any and all gatherings, men cluster in remote areas of the yard trying to outdo each other with their “stories.” However, telling the truth was an expected way of life for children. Telling […]

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Worn Shoes

March 26, 2011

I was young when I first understood what it meant to “put yourself” in someone else’s shoes. Those words changed the way I thought. They taught me one of the most valuable lessons in life and set me on the road to being a writer. It’s a simple concept, putting yourself in someone’s shoes. It […]

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My Editor

March 19, 2011

My second book is finished. (Well, until it’s in print is it ever really finished?) I’ve edited, and edited, and edited some more. So, for a change of pace, I thought maybe I’d do some creating from scratch. It’s been a while. But, no!!!!! My internal editor won’t shut up. I’ve tried everything short of […]

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The Bully

March 14, 2011

Every day, on my lunch break, I take Creo, my dachshund-corgi-terrier, for a walk at the same park. I swear she can tell time. She starts staring at me around noon. Last week, after almost two hours of dog sighing and groaning, I put her on her leash. When we got to the park, a […]

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